Bunkering surveys

Our surveyors have on board work experience and/or
have abundant experience in bunkering surveys. They
fully understand the factors which may result in quantum
shortage during the bunkering, therefore proactive measurements
can be taken to prevent the disputes on quantity as much as they can.
Tests on the bunker quality can be provided through our contracted
laboratory in China, and they can check whether the received
bunker meets the specification requirements in accordance with the
National / International / Contractual standards.


On-hire & Off-hire bunker and condition surveys

Our team can provide on-hire and off-hire surveys in China and most
countries in Asia. The services in other countries can be provided through
our reliable Associates, if requested.


Bunker ROB investigation

Our expertise and integrity can greatly assist the clients in obtaining the correct
quantity of fuel, gasoil, lube oil and sludge onboard your owned / chartered vessel.
The findings are presented in a comprehensive investigation report, and the clients’
interests can be properly protected.