Before lodging a claim, the involved parties would normally
like to engage an independent third-party to obtain the relevant
informationand/or carry out an investigation to evaluate the claim.
Our team of engineers and master mariners can issue independent
report which includes the facts and findings to the clients for them
to handle the claim. If necessary, we can provide expert opinions in
reports for clients’ reference and consideration.


Expert Witness

Our team includes some of the most respected and accomplished
consultants and surveyors in the industry. We are often called upon
to provide expert evidence for the court/arbitration proceedings,
and/or to attend the court/arbitration hearings as expert witnesses
in China and abroad.


Arbitration and Mediation

Capt. Tony Huang is accredited by China Maritime Arbitration Commission
(CMAC) as one of their Arbitrators and Mediators. Capt. Huang is able to
serve as an Arbitrator or Mediator in case the parties agree to resolve disputes
under the CMAC rules.